Weekly Teen Voice: LISTEN TO US

Every week I try to feature a teen voice on my blog.  This week we’re hearing from I. Objio.  Please feel free to comment on his piece.


by I. Objio

When people talk to you, do you listen to their opinions?  If you do, good.  If not, let me present you with a different scenario.

When you talk to people, do they ignore you?  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?  This is why I think kids and teens should be allowed to express their ideas or opinions without being ignored or accused of “talking back.”

Here’s something most adults don’t seem to understand: kids understand more than you think we do.


Believe it. 

Kids and teens aren’t just pieces of hollow, dumb driftwood that float along the river of life.  We understand when you say “We can’t afford this,” or “I’m so stressed.”  But yet, when we try to comfort or help you, we get “Go away” or “Be quiet” in return.

Also, when adults tell us to do things their way and we respond, “But, what if…” we’re not trying to annoy you.  Yes, I admit, sometimes we do try to rile you up, and I’m not saying it’s okay to disrespect you;  nevertheless, think of the stuff we’re going through: peer pressure, trying to find out who we are, puberty (which is a horror story all by itself).  Back to the point.  If you guys don’t want our help, fine.  But, please don’t punish us for trying.

If we do talk back, you don’t have to scream and shout the cliché “Go to your room.” You should still show your kid it’s wrong but don’t stop there.  Try to get us to explain why we think the way we do.

Kids and teens will try to mouth off and get fresh with you and, again, I’m not saying it’s okay, but don’t always treat us like a pest that must be squashed.  Kids and teens are like poems and books: they always have another meaning underneath.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Teen Voice: LISTEN TO US

  1. Objio seems very passionate about this topic. I liked the part about how “Teens aren’t just pieces of hollow, dumb driftwood that float along the river of life” the most it was very creative.

  2. I love your comparisons to the kids or teens mentions in your essay. You made me connect and feel every word you typed/said.

  3. I think that is true what objio said, because parents say it’s talking back but your just giving your idea.

  4. I love your essay . It really relates to alot of kids/teens nowadays. My favorite part is when you said, ” Try to get us to explain why we think the way we do” . Thats my favorite part because If parents would just sit down with us and talk , their would be less problems . Yelling is not the answer , but just simply speaking with us is and you showed that in your essay 🙂 .

  5. I agree with Objio we aren’t trying to annoy our parents all that we’re trying to do is comfort them. This essay really relates to us and how we’re feelings. The best part to me was at the end when he wrote “kids and teens are like poems and books: they always have another meaning underneath.” It’s totally true cause parents need to know we see things differently than they do.

  6. Wow, thank you guys. I never expected to get this much support about this. As I was writing, I wondered if people just would look at this as some egotistical teen, who thinks the whole world is against him, and just brush him aside. But you guys seem to understand both sides of the coin. Thank you all.

  7. Loving the passion put into the topic. Great essay about “Kids are not back-talking they’re explaing their opinion”. A lot of teenagers would agree with Objio.

  8. I like the use of quotes and metaphors. He shows he knows what it is like for teens when parents talk to them. Many people feel this way and it’s hard for teens to sometimes express their opinions to their parents without being yelled at. I completely agree with this essay.

  9. I agree with this article because my parents usually do this when i try to say something back my parents thing Im being disrespectful. I think teens should express how they feel to their parents without getting in trouble

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