Why macho men don’t read: the alarming decline in action thrillers

An excellent post on male reading tastes by Isabel Rogers. How I love reading her writing!


There is a blog on the Bookseller website today, apparently written by a “UK-based agent”. Literary agent, I imagine, though from the tone and cloak’n’dagger anonymity one might assume he (and there, dear reader, is another silly assumption of mine) is a secret agent. Perhaps he’s plotting the overthrow of publishing, like some James Bond villain. Even now he could be stroking a cat.

It was brought to my attention on Twitter by Chris McVeigh, whose exact words when tweeting the link were “Oh do fuck off. So much to deride here it’s difficult to know where to start.” He’s right. Sorry this isn’t the shortest blogpost. Read it at your own blood pressure peril.

In summary: this agent thinks men are short-changed with the kind of books they are offered. It’s all just too damned female these days. You can read his pompous ramble here, but I’ve…

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