What does it mean to be a boy?

by J. Robby

Being a guy means you’re always competing to see who’s better than who. It means you have to be number one.

It means you compete at saying who’s the fastest runner or who’s the best at football or basketball. You’re looking good for the girls or playing tough to be the dominant one. You gotta stay strong and be the best you can be and not get broken inside:  if you do, don’t let it show.

 When you’re a guy, you are taking on more responsibilities and more actions to keep you, friends, and family in line. It means you can’t be afraid of something you know you are.

Up until stuff goes wrong: you lose your friends or a relationship goes bad or family passes away, then you don’t know what to do. You stay so strong for so long and think you can’t be broken until you are. Once you are, its the end of the world. It seems like it, at least.

I believe personally that being a guy or boy means to just stay strong, even in hard times



27 thoughts on “What does it mean to be a boy?

  1. I love the words and feeling you put into this. The only thing is i think you said the same thing over and over again. It works because of the difference you descibed them in.

  2. I think that’s true to some extent because I do not think that you have to be competitive or not be afraid to show that your not a guy. And ture thing that I saw when I was reading this article was that no matter how hard things get you had to remin strong.

  3. Not always, what if you’re one of those guys that nobody likes. You are an outsider to everybody. Everyone hates how you dress, and you always get bullied by these large amount of football group.If you are one of those guys, you need to stay strong, believe in yourself

  4. Boys are supposed to be tough physically and naturally harness it but a man who can handle his emotions is like a gun and men who can harness it is like firing it

  5. Personally, I feel that this is very true. Being that I am a guy, I am always acting like this for reasons, like he said, such as getting girls or being the dominant one. This is very true, and has a good insight.


    • wow I never knew boys had so much to deal with I only thought girls had more to deal with than boys now i know each gender has a lot to deal with like (boys problems, girl problems, bullies, etc.)

  6. I agree mostly for your definition of being a guy, however you said a being a guy is about being strong when times are tough. I believe that you are right, except that it that you are right except for that it is not about being strong, it is about trying to be strong. There are things that can break the best of us, and being broken isn’t going to make you less of a man, but not trying to stop what is breaking you and taking it sitting down will in most cases.

  7. This article is pretty acurate. Personally, I feel this article would apply more towards a athletic boy rather than the average book-smart one. The book-smart one, from personal belief, would not try to be the best unless it comes to his homework. Athletic boys would actually try to convince themselves that they’re the best or most physical. Although, great article by Robby.

  8. This is very true, I myself do compete a lot, it doesn’t matter if it’s with family, friends, or strangers, I am competitive in any way. Guys do have a lot of responsibilities too. This article is very well said and met to most boys standards. Good jo Robby.

  9. Well,I can’t say much because I don’t think I’m always trying to stay strong.I can’t be compared to other guys and I’m not always trying to be dominant.I honestly don’t care.

  10. I agree with the following and that guys are always to see who is the better than who the are fighting with because I think ever guy or most of them want to be the most powerful person out of the people the know.

  11. that is very true because some guys want to imprese most of the girls that they see but sometimes when you are small some girls just don’t give you a second look they just look at you then they just keep on walking on like you are not there.

  12. This is all true, I think this can describe a lot of teenage boys. I believe all boys are competitive and have lots of responsibilities to hold. This is a very good article refering to boys.

  13. I think this is very spot on for most guys. Many are very competitive and love sports like baseball, football, or track, and it is always a competiton to see who is the fastest or thw strongest.

  14. true its hard to be a guy but not impossible all men have emotions some can hold them in others can’t its ok in all honesty being a guy is not all about being hard it about pride in your self and others around you but other than that its all true.

  15. Now I know about the guys more. Like I can see what they’re like. I have a lot of guy friends that are exactly what you wrote. You know most of them are tough, and they try to look good for the girls. You are exactly right. Good Job!:D

  16. i didn’t know that boys also have troubles too like girls i thought only the girls had hard stuff to deal with in their lives but now i know that guys also have hard stuff to deal with also.For example trying to be strong, or not showing their feelings because they think it makes them look weak,or girl troubles, or being bullied or being called hurtful names etc…

  17. I definitely agree with this. There are times when guys are broken, and they only thing you can do is to stay strong to keep everything in place. The problem is that sometimes we don’t let anyone know, and we have to deal with the problem ourselves.

  18. I think boys have lots of stuff to take care of but lots of girls have hard stuff to do as well so what I’m saying is girls are like boys exeped for there bodes

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