The Cardiff International Poetry Competition and me

Congratulations to Isabel! (I’ve been lucky enough to take a writing class with this wonderful poet). Hip-hip, hooray Isabel Rogers! Your readers are so proud.

I’ve sat on this news for a month, but last night I travelled to Cardiff to the prize-giving ceremony for the Cardiff International Poetry Competition. Which I’ve won. I can’t quite believe it yet either.

When I got the email, the first thing I did was swear, a lot and imaginatively. My second thought was ‘they’re going to want me to read it out, aren’t they?’ My third, following close on to the second, was ‘why on earth did I write such a long one?’

stairsAnyway, I arrived at Waterstones in Cardiff to meet Lemn Sissay and Rhian Edwards, who treated us to a few of their own poems before introducing the shortlisted and winning poets. Lemn’s performance of his was incredible: absolutely riveting. Rhian read her beautiful poems completely by heart, which is something I aspire to but have never had the nerve to try.

They both said how…

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One thought on “The Cardiff International Poetry Competition and me

  1. for me this is a good story so far and to me it was like a book club. I like how it starts like how it says its place and were he in that place.

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